Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've Finished!

Well, I thought the day would never come, but finally, after a marathon writing session this week, I've finished the first draft of Blood of the Heart! I'd always heard that the last chapters of a book often come all in a rush, and mine certainly did (I blogged about my last few days of writing here, at All the World's Our Page.)

I am exhausted, and happy, all at the same time.

And I'm done. For this round. (g)


Jenny said...

CONGRATS!!!!! It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? :-D

Deniz Bevan said...

Woooooo! Congratulations!!!!!! Champagne :-)

Rachel Walsh said...

Jenny, Deniz, thanks for the congrats and the champagne, and yes - even five days later it's still a damn good feeling!

Angela Scott said...

Awesome. To finish tht first draft--what a journey, huh? It has to feel so good.

I need to do a writing marathon like you and just force myself to kick out the last two chapters of my first draft for my WIP. Endings are horrible for me, so I struggle and drag my feet.

I need to set a goal and Just do it (like Nike says).

Nice to meet you fellow crusader.

Rachel Walsh said...

Hey, thanks, Angela!

Gah, if only I could get on with my revisions at the same pace as I finished my first draft, I'd be tickled pink. I seem to have fallen in a hole ... which I blogged about today over at
... but I have hopes that I'll be back on that horse real soon, and whipping it over the finish line. :-)
I'm sure you'll get to the end of your WIP, too. Just remember that ANY words on the page are better than none. Any words can be polished to a high gleam when you revise. Just get them down, and worry later.

Good luck!

Lindz Pagel said...

Congrats! Just found you through the Writers'-Platform Building Crusade. I look forward to crusading with you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Lindz!

Great to see so many fellow crusaders popping by here, and at my main haunt,

I'm off to have a sqizz at your blog now!