Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've Finished!

Well, I thought the day would never come, but finally, after a marathon writing session this week, I've finished the first draft of Blood of the Heart! I'd always heard that the last chapters of a book often come all in a rush, and mine certainly did (I blogged about my last few days of writing here, at All the World's Our Page.)

I am exhausted, and happy, all at the same time.

And I'm done. For this round. (g)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Today I needed a laugh ...

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... and I got one! (g)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The final push

Holy smokes.

It's 43C today (that'd be 109.4F for those of you north of the equator) and all I feel like doing is turning the airconditioner to "freeze" and sleeping out the day.

But I won't. I can't. I've worked out I only have 5, maybe 6, scenes left to write and my SFD will be done. Finito. But there's a catch - in a mere 15 days, my offspring will be home for summer holidays, and writing with them in the house is just a no-can-do, for me.

Can I do it? Finish this thing in 15 days? I bloody well hope so!

Back to the trenches ...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Butt-glue failure

181 new words today. That's all. Sigh.

But it was Sunday, and the parents dropping in with cake, donuts and other bribes was a trifle hard to ignore. And it was 35 C , and the steam-cleaning I'd promised the winter mud-smeared carpet on the stairs was well overdue.

There's always tomorrow ...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A new venture

It's been pretty quite round here. It's all good - I'm still busy typing my fingers to the bone, getting closer to the end of my first draft. Yay!

And a really cool new venture has also been keeping me busy - a shiny new blog that three of my writing buddies and I have just launched, All the World's Our Page. I'm super excited about hanging out with three exceptionally talented writers - Jennifer Hendren, Kristen Callihan and Claire Gregory - who love to yak about all things writing as much as I do. I'll still be blogging here, by the way; but in the meantime, come over and say g'day (or bonjour!) at All the World's Our Page.

I'd love to catch up with you there!

P.S. Did I mention we're giving away books? Lots of them, for the next few weeks. I do love a book giveaway ... pity I can't enter!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Throwing salt over my shoulder

I've been pretty slack about blogging of late - ok, please don't choke laughing at that understatement - and my role as forum goals mistress has been executed with an appalling lack of application.

I'd like to say why I've been so lax; but call me nuts, I don't want to jinx myself. So, let me just frame this all in the negative - so that karma doesn't up and bite me on the arse - and I'll leave you to read between the lines ...

My writing is NOT going well. [g]

In fact, I did NOT just write 3000 words today that I'm pretty damned pleased with. [bg]

At the rate I'm writing, I will NOT finish this book by the end of the year. [vbg]

So, please excuse my silence. I'm just busy NOT writing a book.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Got my groove back

Oh, yeah.

3000 words down today, in two hours that simply flew by. And on re-reading, I'm actually happy with most of them ...

I love those days when the writing just flows.

They're rare, but they're gold.