Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I got tagged by Jen. I should be writing, but I'll count this as my warm-up. (g)
The idea is to pick the closest book to you, open up to page 56, copy down  the fifth sentence, then the next 2 - 5 sentences. Then, do the same with your own MS.
Here it is!

The book closest to hand is FIGURES IN SILK, by Vanora Bennett. Et voila, page 56 - 
"She'd hardly ever been in her own father's storeroom. It was his holiest of holies; too precious for children, he said. 
She padded down the corridor behind her mother-in-law, secretly impressed; willing Alice Claver, now fiddling with the keys at the door, to learn to like her.
Alice Claver's warehouse stretched all the way along the side of her house: a vast barn of a place, its high rafters lit up by slanting early sunlight from the window slits.
It took a few moments for Isabel's eyes to adjust. Then she gasped."

Ooh, cliff hanger!
Now, from my MS (and this will NOT be my page 56 when the thing is done - I have a whole new idea for how this book will open (funny about that (wry grin)) - but here it is, as it stands:-

"Lewis would be caught in a tangle of half-composed, addle-brained lies - or worse, would blurt the whole nasty truth - and then my darling father would know it was he, and no one else, who had caused it. 

My pulse ticked in my throat. I had to stop my brother. Now.
Dropping my bag to the floor, I gripped the woman's meaty shoulders  and shoved her through the door of the vacant compartment. Her shrieks drowned those of her parrot."

LOL. Sounds like something from an absurdist play! I swear it makes sense in context. (g)
Now, I tag Jenny, Nina, and Claire, if she's up to it.

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